BRAD Pre-Pride Cookout 2014



 On a pleasant summer eve of June 20th 2014, BRAD hosted the annual Pride Cookout. It is one of our BIGGEST event of the year! 70 guests arrived to join the celebration on John Kitchens and Rolf Hagton’s beautiful outdoor patio. Much appreciation to Rolf and John for letting us use their patio once again. Members and non-members brought their favorite side dish to share. Everything tasted wonderful! A special recognition to John Beall for the rainbow cake! Not only it was beautiful and colorful, it tasted HEAVENLY! The BRAD committee is grateful to John Beall for giving the committee a helping hand on anything he could to make things easier for us on such a busy night. BRAD provided the hamburgers, hot dogs and brats. Thanks to Perry Mott for grilling the meats. Big thanks to Steven Ripple for taking the role of a bartender serving delicious strawberry margaritas. We enjoyed the evening catching up with friends and meeting new friends. Visitors as far away as New Jersey, Florida, California and Chicago came to our cookout!!  They gave us a BIG THUMB UP to our organization! That makes us PROUD! Congratulations to all the winners of our door prizes and 50/50 raffle!  

On the morning of June 20th and 21st, BRAD members and non-members met with Perry Mott who is the chairperson for the BRAD parade to get the float set up. This is the second  SUCCESSFUL year in a row the float proudly road through the streets of Columbus. It is was greeted by about 400,000 people along the parade route. A great way to promote our organization! Our appreciation to Steve Copeland for using his truck to pull the BEAUTIFUL float. Many thanks for those who donated towards the float the night before at the cookout.  

What a LONG FUN BUSY AWESOME weekend that was! 

 After a long harsh winter, Summer has FINALLY arrived! Please stay safe and enjoy the rest of the summer. Continue to check our website for future upcoming events. The BRAD Social Committee is trying to put together a “Dinner Night Out” this summer for members and guests.  A night of relaxation over dinner at a restaurant and walk to a coffee/dessert shop after. Sounds like fun! We did that last year in the Grandview area and many really enjoyed it. More information on this coming soon! 

BRAD Social Advisor

John M


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