2011 OktoBRADfest – A Sucess!!

On a beautiful windy fall night of October 15th 2011, BRAD hosted the second annual “OktoBRADfest”. It was with GREAT success! We had an OUTSTANDING turnout of thirty-five people in attendance! Members and non members enjoyed tasting nine different beers from the Americas – such countries as Mexico, Caribbean Islands, Canada and USA, etc. The beer tasting took place at John Kitchens and Rolf Hagton’s beautiful outdoor patio. What a FUN night that was!

Not only did we have great beers to taste, we had different appetizers provided by the BRAD Social Advisory Committee that includes stuffed mushrooms, cocktail shrimps and Mexican rolls. Marty Thacker donated her seven layers Mexican dip to the appetizers table. Thanks Marty! We also had a FABULOUS Mexican taco style buffet with shredded chicken, beef and baby shrimp with all the toppings, spanish rice and three different kinds of homemade Rolf Hagton’s YUMMY pound cakes. The buffet was provided by Rolf Hagton and John Kitchens. Everything was DELICIOUS!  Many went home happy with a full stomach of food and beers! We had many winners for our door prizes! Prizes were T-shirts from BRAD (2) and the Hills Market (4), two gift baskets, one year BRAD membership and one free admission to any upcoming BRAD event. We had so many winners that night it was impossible to name everyone. Our 50/50 winner was BRAD spokesperson Bob Donaldson! Special thanks to Ellen Liedtke, Betty Rogers, Perry Mott, Lyndy Stephens, David Pirc and Chuck McCrory who were big helping hands making things easier on us with the event hosting. MOST IMPORTANTLY, THE BRAD COMMITTEE IS SO GRATEFUL FOR  ROLF HAGTON AND JOHN KITCHENS WHO HELPED THE BRAD ORGANIZATION MAKE ONE OF THE BEST PROFIT WE HAD IN YEARS!
The holidays are around the corner with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas and New Year coming up! Lets get ready! Our next BRAD event will be Thanksgiving held at Bob Donaldson’s home for members only on Novemeber 12th at 3pm. See flyer for more information on www.bradohio.com
Please contact BRAD Social Advisory Tom Schleup if you are interested in becoming a BRAD member at tompaul53@aol.com . Only $15 a year!
If you have any suggestions of events BRAD can host in the future, please feel free to let us know! We like to hear your ideas!
Wishing you a Happy safe Fall season!
BRAD’s Social Advisory Board Member
John M

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